About Us

New Farm Produce is a family run company producing berries cherries and asparagus across four sites with circa 80 ha of protected production under poly tunnels. We have our own on-site packing facility supplying major retailers and other independent customers. We are accredited with the British Retail Consortium (BRC) status at A star level along with the Red Tractor and LEAF schemes. We are a forward-thinking business that continually innovates to be at the forefront of our industry. All our strawberries are grown on table tops with 85% of our soft fruit production being grown in a coir substrate.
The strategy behind our success has always been to investigate trial and develop new methods at every level of the production process.

New Farm Produce Ltd is a great example of a successful family run rural business that is managed by committed people to achieve the best in our field of expertise. We have continually tried to utilise our resources to our best advantage and never afraid to adapt to an ever-changing demand from our customers. Our innovative approach has enabled us to be at the forefront of technology providing us with a clear advantage to develop it into commercial practice. Such major change demands significant ongoing investment into our business to ensure we can continue to be profitable and sustainable for future generations.

Arial Picture of fields
Honey Bee on blueberry flowers

We are committed to managing our land in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. Our crops are produced in accordance with all – regulatory and environmental legislation.
We are committed to working with the following policies:

  • Rational Use of Plant Protection Products
  • Rational Use of Fertilisers and Manures
  • Pollution Prevention Policy
  • Protection of Human Health
  • Optimising Water and Other Natural Resources
  • Recover, Recycle and Reuse of Materials Policy
  • Wildlife and Landscape Conservation and Enhancement

Our Packhouse Output

We pack over 6 million units each year in our packhouse


3,589,621 units


583,942 units


8,622 units


923,652 units


66,484 units

Mixed Berries

322,320 units

Mixed Berries

Our production

Our crops cover an area of circa 80 ha.

British 100%
Strawberries 51%
Raspberries 11%
Blueberries 33%
Asparagus 3%
Cherries 3%
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We hereby acknowledge funding received from the Rural Development Programme Countryside Productivity Scheme Precision Irrigation Systems SBI No. 106469966