strawberries in punnets
flowering strawbrries in tunnels
strawberry plant

New Farm Strawberries

  • Category: Soft Fruits
  • Harvest Time: May - October
  • Growing method: Table tops in coir bags

We grow a range of varieties including Driscoll's Katrina, Malling Centenary, Driscoll's Matilda, Favori, Hademar, Driscoll's Beatrice, Driscoll's Constance and Malling Ace to provide a season long supply.
Our strawberries are carefully hand-picked when perfectly ripe and placed into punnets. They are then rapidly chilled to ensure excellent shelf-life.


Malling Centenary and Driscoll's Matilda are Junebearer varieties, they crop heavily in just a few weeks. They have excellent flavour, shape and being easy to pick, Malling Centenary is one of our favourites.

Malling Centenary
Driscoll's Katrina


These plants flower and fruit continuously during the summer months producing large juicy berries for the whole British summer, and beyond. Varieties grown including Favori, Prize and Driscoll's Katrina.